Harry potter disowned by parents fanfiction daphne

The boy was eleven years old; his emerald-green eyes seemed to fill with anger when he heard that voice. Overall, Harry Potter had changed very little in the ten years since that fateful night, besides the fact that he had grown his black, untameable hair down to shoulder length.

His room on the other hand had changed quite a bit. After that night ten years ago, he had been moved to the smallest room in Potter Manor, which the family had moved into after the attack, at the will of Professor Dumbledore - or, grandpa, as he wanted to be called; only Charles, being a gullible idiot, called him that, Harry didn't.

The walls in his room were painted a dark purple color with a splashing of neon orange and yellow and an acid green color.

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Originally, he had only done this to make his parents mad because he didn't have the traditional Gold and red of Gryffindor in his room, but ended up liking it more than he thought, so had kept the design and colour. His bed - a large circular king sized bed - had dark purple sheets and acid green pillows.

He walked over to his dresser and pulled on a pair of well-worn jeans that were splashed with paint and a green shirt in the same pattern as his bed.

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He pulled on a pair of comfortable combat boots and his duster as it was the closest thing he would ever wear to a cloak. He went down stairs and was greeted with the sight of his parents and brother. Just like Harry, Charles had changed little besides the fact that he now wore glasses. He had never quite grown out of his baby fat but Lily and James refused to acknowledge that fact.

They claimed that it was just a sign that he was a healthy, growing boy. He had short, flat brown hair that clung to his round, baby head. He had relatively small, hazel eyes that constantly looked around, as if waiting to trap someone else in the allure of the wonderful boy-who-lived. James and Lily Potter, once such doting parents, barely spared Harry a glance as he walked past them and fixed himself a piece of toast with nothing but a little butter to go on top; unlike his brother he did not engorge himself at every meal.

As he waited for his toast to pop he looked out of the window and saw two tiny specks in the distance. Remembering that today was the birthday of both himself and Charles, he knew that the two tiny specks were owls and that they were carrying the acceptance letters to Hogwarts. A scream shattered his train of thought and he knew that his mother had seen the owls as well.

It's Charles's letter from Hogwarts, but what do you suppose the second owl is for? Frowning, and totally forgetting the existence of his elder child, James Potter said, "I don't know, but let's make the boy open it, just in case it is something to hurt Charles. Harry rolled his eyes and knew that they would be shocked when they found out that it was for him.

He smiled as the window opened and the birds flew in; one flew to Charles and the other flew to Harry. His parents were too wrapped up in talking to Charles about Hogwarts to notice the other letter. Once he had passed the wards surrounding Potter Manor, he whispered "Home" to a necklace around his neck and felt like someone had pulled him backwards through a small pipe.

He landed, moments later, with a thump and shook off the nausea that came with taking a portkey. He smiled as he walked up to the huge manor that had seemed to appear in front of him as he walked up to the front door and knocked lightly. A few seconds later a house elf opened the door and let him in when he recognized him. You are a free elf.And as for you awesome reviewers OMG 20 reviews If i fail to meet your expectations though Disclaimer: if i owned Harry Potter Harry sat in the Potter family library reading a journal written by a certain Tobias Potter, his great great uncle to be precise.

He had spent the first few days of the summer holidays in the family library, having missed it sorely. The Hogwarts library was nice sure, but it just couldn't compare with the Potter family library. The Potter family library was a huge square room which was decorated with paintings from several time periods, the walls were painted a dark red that was close to brown and had drapes of a similar color hanging from the windows.

The room itself was absolutely loaded with books, with shelves lining all four walls and occupying most of the room. In the center of the room was a large velvet carpet with large leather chairs in perfect condition.

The shelves even extended to the ceiling forming a second floor but still leaving the ceiling visible. The room was then brightly illuminated with several chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Harry considered the library as his own personal space, apart from the house elves that would come in to cleanup once in awhile, Harry was the only one who came into the library. Charlie and his father weren't exactly the book reading type, and while Rose enjoyed reading she wasn't too keen on libraries, his mother would probably have loved to be here but spent so much time taking care of things around the house that she didn't have the time to come into the library anyway.

Harry had reflected upon Voldermort's comments about his dueling and found those words held some truth in them. So apart from his usual time spent reading books Harry began engaging in real practices.

His siblings and Dumbledore were kind enough to leave the practice dummies they used in the house, which Harry was more than happy to use for his own practice. The practice dummies were an interesting form of magic as they could be set to cast spells and were able to work together like a team, Harry had now begun using them to practice and gain more experience.

Harry had even begun watching the dueling circuit more often as well. Speaking of the five chosen ones and their aged mentor, Harry had decided to continue his habit of eavesdropping on the six of them during their lessons.

He was actually glad to have done so as the headmaster had begun teaching them far more useful spells, some of which Harry didn't know, it didn't matter to Harry much though, no matter the spell he was able to master them fairly easily. On one hand Harry was incredibly pleased at the progress he was making, on the other he was still excited about the upcoming week where he would be meeting his friends in Diagon alley, he felt that he probably should pay a visit to his favorite goblins as well.

Unfortunately for Harry he had no idea of what his parents and his aged headmaster were currently planning. Harry a book in his hand was making his way to down to the dining room for lunch, as he made his way down though he realized that the Michaels and Longbottom's were visiting at the moment, noticing his siblings chatting with Sean Celia and Neville. He found the adults already seated though along with the headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, Harry had an sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach when he saw the decrepit old man in front of him.

This is why we need to get all of you under some form of political protection, which in this case involves putting all of you under the terms of heir-ship.

Thus we will be invoking an old law to get Sean and Celia as well as Charlie and Rose under the heir ships of the Michael and Potter families. As the children except for Harry nodded.James had never felt more excited in his life. Today, all the things that he wished for would come true. Today, he would get to disinherit his muggle of a son and afterwards everything would be as it should have been. This was the same thing that was going on on Lily's mind. Today, hopefully, will be the last day that she would lay her eyes on the shame of a son that was Harry James Potter.

Five year —old Jerome Potter also had similar thoughts, though not exact. Ever since he could remember one thing that everybody had made sure that he understood, was that he was special, more than most people. Everything that he wanted was granted to him without much effort.

But today, he felt most excited, his parents had promised to give him the best gift that they as parents could ever give their child, and that was making him the Potter heir. He didn't truly understand what all meant, but the way his parents talked about it made it sound very important.

The fact that it was to be taken from his older twin made it sound more fun. Since he was small, his parents had drilled it into him how Harry was not worthy, of being a Potter, let alone an heir. So he had grown to dislike his brother and so taking from his brother, something that made him a little special would be so great, and also it would make his parents so happy.

Jean Potter didn't understand what all the fuss today was about.

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She didn't remember her other big brother who she had come to learn was named Harry, except from his baby pictures, taken when they were born to almost over a year old. The only pictures she had seen of her big brother at an older age, had been from newspapers, and she couldn't see him clearly, since he used to be in the background. She had heard of how ill his parents spoke of Harry, but she didn't quite feel the same way about him.

She would look at the pictures, and all she could see was a sad little boy. Moments later, the Potters gathered down stairs all dressed in elegant clothes. Seconds after each family member had a grasp on the golden chain, they were gone. Albus Dumbledore was feeling rather happy with himself today.

This was the day that all of his plans would fall into place. Ever since he had determined that Jerome was the boy-who-lived and an heir to the founders and Merlin, he had been carefully planning for this day.

Since after today, he would get to become Jerome's magical guardian, and in so doing, he would also get access to the vaults. The only thing nagging him was the eerie feeling he had since waking up this morning. Being a Lord-Level wizard meant that he was more in touch with magic, and the feeling he got left him feeling very suspicious. Well he expected the light magic to be excited, but what shocked him was the fact that for once in a long time, he could detect the feelings of the dark magic, and it too was also very excited.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply K. In an alternate universe, multi-millionaire beauty youtuber Draco Malfoy has released another makeup palette.

harry potter disowned by parents fanfiction daphne

But how did Lily went from being what-was-her-name Evans to James's everything? And How did Marauders came to be? Daily Life by Hailey Mockingjay The story of life at the Potter's house told through drabbles and one-shots.

harry potter disowned by parents fanfiction daphne

Held Aloft by Jujubest Harry ends up 20 years in the past and decides to change some things. Rescuing his 6-year-old self from the Dursley's is number one on the list. Alongside getting rid of all those pesky Horcruxes. Of course, he doesn't have a place to stay or any money or any real concrete plan. He reckons Remus can't be too busy. Mischief Managed: Year Two by secretscorpio9 reviews With a strange new Professor who is determined to lessen his class' prejudices maybe, there' hope for Remus' friendships, since he knows it's only a matter of time before he's found out.

Then there's him trying to hold off Patricia's suspicious attempts to take them to the forest which seems far too dangerous. Oh yeah, and Hogwarts is hosting the Triwizard Tournament after years!

When danger lurks around every corner, Bill takes an important decision and sends two people back in time. For the Greater Good Was Ad Maius Bonum by Oliviian reviews Shes been taken away from everything she knew, and more importantly, ripped away from her father.

She had been glued to his side since she was born, what would she do without him? She is being forced to attend Hogwarts, and forced into a new war, only this time on the side of the light. She's lost and alone for the first time in her life, and she has never been more afraid. Thomas Cloverleigh - Echos of the Past by psto reviews Thomas Cloverleigh, unravels a decade-old secret. His mother was a witch and his father a vampire.

When he joins his adoptive parents son, Lars, to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Thomas stumbles upon a sinister mystery when he finds a body without a soul. Then he hears whispers involving the great Harry Potter. If Only: by reverie-scriptor Harry had thought he was the only Potter left. But he has an aunt he never heard of. Kept from her nephew, Iris Potter works to watch over Harry with all that she has.

Beater 2 of the Falmouth Falcons. Redemptive Facets by evanescentflame reviews Sequel to "Repetitive Folly". A reimagining of "Deathly Hallows" if Hermione and Draco had fallen in love. But he would not allow either one of his students experience his pain.He had felt himself loose a good portion of his magic, he knew the only place that could tell him was Gringotts going, he found his son there. James Potter saw red, immedaitly blaming his son for his loss of magic and everything else.

As James continued to come forward, looking mad. Michael was nowhere in sight he could not claim it, and James could not claim it for the boy him already being disowned. Others in Gringotts had heard the commotion, and were standing around listening to everything. They were like vultures watching for their prey, as they listened. They stood gaping when they heard that James Potter had married a Slytherin. Lily Evans was from the Slytherin line, many could hardly believe what they had heard.

Remus nodded and took of, making sure he was not seen leaving. It should not have affected me," asked James sounding lost and confused. Shane looked at the color of the potion; making a face, he turned to Severus, Sirius and Remus wide green eyes. If that's what it looked like Shane did not want to know, what it tasted like. He cut his finger and put the blood in, so Shane would be his in blood too. He sounded exactly like you would expect Draco Malfoy to sound. Just then, Shane started hissing in parsletongue, shocking everyone into silence Lily actually paled, she had not known that Shane could really speak it.

If anyone that should not have been affected it should have been Lily. Did not want anyone liking Shane more than Michael, Shane was nothing compared to your precious Michael was he?

If Harry Potter Died (Emotional Fanfic)

You really are horrible Evans, I detest you. How could you do that and to your own son too" said Sirius looking at Lily as though she was the cause of all his problems. I lied happy! And your right Shane is nothing compared to my Michael he doesn't deserve the Potter name, he just got in the way, always wanting attention" snapped Lily.

Shane knew they were talking about him, he was in Severus arms, and Severus just tightened his hold on him when he whimpered.

His mother had never shown such open hostility to him before.

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He had not been a bad boy, he had been good or tried to be good for his mum but nothing he did was good enough. He still had the potion clutched in his small hand.

Burrowing his head in Severus' smelling in the different potion ingredients, he started thinking. What if I never get to see my brother again?

Will he even miss me?It was a cold dark night, and only the moon gave out light. In the woods, the wind was howling. The animals were asleep in their homes.

Mothers cuddled against their babies to protect them from the cold. At the Potter mansion, everything was pitch black. In one of the windows, a boy was sitting at the window sill in a long black robe.

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The boy had long silky black hair and the prettiest green eyes that one could see. Yet, those eyes held hatred and sadness from deep down inside him: his hatred for his own family and the sadness only an abandoned child could feel. Ever since his parents had their second child, they had forgotten him. They didn't treat him badly- they had just forgotten about his existence ever since a man called Albus Dumbledore had visited his parents. Dumbledore, leader of the Order in which his parents are members, told his parents that their younger son is the heir of Gryffindor and that someday, he would have the power to defeat the Dark Lord.

His parents were extremely proud that their younger son was the Heir. Dumbledore told them that they should attend to Nick at all times, since the Dark Lord would most likely try to kill him. Since that day, their parents neglected their older son and had given all their attention to Nick. They hired a kind and obedient house elf to take care of the older boy.

The older child wanted his parents to care more about him and spend time with him, but they just told him that his little brother needed them more than he did, and that he could take care of himself. Eventually, he gave up, feeling nothing but bitterness towards his parents, for neglecting him, and his brother, for stealing them away from him. Seeing as his parents have forgotten about him, he has disowned them in his own way. He stayed in his room all the time and showed absolutely no emotions on his face.

No one has ever visited him, not even his uncle, Remus, and his godfather, Sirius. Truthfully, they probably had forgotten about him as well. Sometimes, he wished that he had a different life with a family that cared about him, and perhaps even a few friends. When he went into town, however, no one acknowledged him- they all seemed to avoid him.

Some nights, the boy would cry and cry until he could not cry anymore.

harry potter disowned by parents fanfiction daphne

However, he had outgrown crying; he could not shed any more tears even if he had wanted to. He had been left behind and therefore had grown up quickly. In a sense, he didn't have any good childhood memories that he wanted to remember, as he didn't have a real childhood. Nowadays, all he did was study magic: He has already learned difficult spells from the books that he has read, and he also knew some wandless magic.

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He was considered a prodigy for he was merely ten years old and yet, had a vast store of knowledge and power. After all, other children did not even have one tenth of his power and could not even begin to compare with his knowledge.

As the boy watched, the night slowly passed and the sun began to creep over the horizon. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Harry's life as the brother of the boy who lived, but the truth is opposite. Lonely 2. Diagon Alley Part 1 3.

Diagon Alley Part 2 4. Hogwarts Train 5. Sorting Hat 6. First Morning 7.Alyx arched an eyebrow and glared at the file that Bob had just handed her.

She hated to arch that particular eyebrow, but Bob had recently shaved the other one off to get revenge on her starching his underwear. Alyx's expression darkened. It makes perfect sense to hide from a dark lord and lounge around your house without your weapon. Just because you shower with a handgun in arms reach and sleep with a shotgun under the bed doesn't mean everyone else would.

Bob took a step back and puffed up. You've redesigned the entire Kama Sutra thanks to Sears power tools. Her expression brightened and she smiled evilly. Bob blanched and backed away. Harry puffed lightly as he topped the crest of a small hill. He was nearly four miles into the five miles he ran daily since returning to Privet Drive. Nothing seemed to go right this past year. Dumbledore continued to ignore him, just as he did during the last school term. He'd grown distant from Hermione and Ron, as both seemed to act as though Dumbledore could do no wrong.

Since the beginning of the summer he had been in contact with only two friends, Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood.

harry potter disowned by parents fanfiction daphne

Luna knew about muggle post, though he wasn't sure how, and she had taught Neville how to use it. Harry replied to his friends via a mail drop that the Quibbler maintained. From his other friends, there had been nothing but silence. Over the past year, the war had continued to worsen and Harry had developed a small touch of paranoia. He had been developing his abilities steadily, although he felt he was far from confronting Voldemort. In a fit of paranoia driven intuition, he spent the past year working on being able to cast illusions wandlessly.

It wasn't much and would serve no real purpose in defeating Voldemort. But it did grant him a small measure of freedom, since he had enough power to make the illusions last for hours. More than enough to allow him to slip by his minders, who were intent on keeping him under house arrest in Privet Drive.

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Had Dumbledore and his crowd known, they would have been surprised by the ability. Most wizards weren't powerful enough to make an illusion last for more than a few minutes. He was still running, and with no time to really think about what he was doing, he whipped out his wand and used it to stab Bellatrix LeStrange in the throat.

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