Holochain holo fuel swap

Kiana Danial talks more about the Holochain price in her updated technical analysis of the token — while Crypto Briefing has recently subjected Holochain to the deepest analysis in the industry through our Digital Asset Report and Evaluation DARE and unearthed some insights that have escaped even the careful attentions of our friends at Weiss Ratings.

Holochain is a fascinating project: as we have previously discussed, it could be the moonshot that lands like a Chinese spacecraft on the Dark Side, or it could be Voyager: disappearing off beyond the horizon of the solar system with nary a whisper to mark its passing. The information on or accessed through this website is obtained from independent sources we believe to be accurate and reliable, but Decentral Media, Inc. Decentral Media, Inc.

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The editor is invested in HOT, which is mentioned in this article.Holo is powered by HoloFuel, a cryptocurrency backed by digital assets — the processing, computation, and storage needed for efficient cloud hosting.

Furthermore, It is designed to circumvent the attacks, hacks, and forks that make other crypto-investments too risky for widespread adoption.

HoloFuel is priced in computing units: processing time, bandwidth, and storage. As the number of hosts grows, that mass of their computing power stabilizes valuation. Hosts set their own prices for their computing power which will tend toward stability when averaged across a large ecosystem of servers distributed across the planet. Because Fuel also incentivizes participation, it brings along the infrastructure and resources needed to sustain itself.

As an issuer and infrastructure provider, the Holo organization can be freely audited by hosts. We are fully accountable to the network, each node of which sees the collection and allocation of transaction fees. Like all other transactions, these are public entries, signed to the validating DHT that ensures careful data provenance. Our sales cap is correlated to the capacity of the network and demand for service as indicated through the crowdfunding sale of HoloPort hosting devices and developer trainings.

Pricing HoloFuel is priced in computing units: processing time, bandwidth, and storage. Auditable As an issuer and infrastructure provider, the Holo organization can be freely audited by hosts. Receive fresh ideas from our digital visionaries Sign up.

Holochain Price Leaps As Changeover Fuels Investor Hopes

Join our community. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more Accept Cookies.Think outside the blocks! Each of us wants to have control over how and with whom we interact. In order to evolve and thrive, our communities must support everyone's uniqueness. Yet today, our online relationships are dominated by centralized corporate web sites.

Holochain enables a distributed web with user autonomy built directly into its architecture and protocols. Data is about remembering our lived and shared experiences. Distributing the storage and processing of that data can change how we coordinate and interact. With digital integration under user control, Holochain liberates our online lives from corporate control over our choices and information.

Holo and Holochain are searching for HoloNauts to join us on our journey to build a new, regenerative economy and a more human internet.

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Apply Now! Own their own data Control their identity Connect applications to suit their needs Transact without centralized systems Build lighter, faster, cheaper applications. We're not just a magic idea whitepaper. You can build cutting edge distributed apps in JavaScript or Lisp on our platform right now! Your apps will have access to core services like: a customizable UI, the Holochain DPKI app that manages keys and identities across holochain applications, the Holo platform for serving crypto apps to normal web browsers, API bridges between crypto apps, and the capacity to migrate data when updating distributed apps.

holochain holo fuel swap

Developers Forum Blog GitHub. Holochain applications hApps are held entirely by people. No trusted third parties. No central points of failure. They enable direct architectural consent and cryptographic communication that are low risk, for less cost. Each agent owns an immutable hash chain and stores public data as a monotonic DHT node. Think lightweight, secure decentralized computing possible on mobile devices! Every application runs its own holochain on its own terms, with cheaper hosting overhead.

Since users are hosts, as more agents use an app, more hosting power and storage becomes available. The load gets lighter! Its peer validation requirements ensure secure apps. That data cannot be counterfeited, tampered with, or lost. Each app stores its data in a validating DHT creating redundancy of public data across randomized nodes. When nodes go offline, the DHT is self-healing and rebalances the data to different nodes. And if someone alters their own app code they effectively fork themselves out of the shared DHT space into an entirely different application.

What comes after blockchain? Testimonials "Installation and actually deployment was super simple and even more important it delivered on what they promised, it worked. Scalable distributed apps with data integrity Versatile Solutions Decentralization with no bottlenecks and adaptable validation. Peer-to-peer No centralized servers, no ledgers, and no middlemen. Agent-centric Individual authority over data sharing, access, and storage.Hi pauldaoust continuation of a question on if an agent change their DNA, what will happen?

You gave a list of steps:. The hash is the network address too so if you try to change.

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Just by changing the DNA rules and thus honest users dont even need to validate any invalid transactions arising from malicious agents changing their DNA because the malicious actors will not be in the same network as honest users to begin with? Another question: why do holochain use libsodium for cryptographic implementation? Why not other options like Bouncy Castle, Botan, Libgcrypt etc? Or they dont need to validate since they are not chosen but are required to send or they can also choose to withhold them to the next node?

This is why we still need validation. The robustness of an algorithm depends not on hiding its implementation but on subjecting it to as much scrutiny as possible. This means:. Bouncy Castle et al are big huge toolkits that aim to provide reliable and bug-free implementations of lots of different cryptographic algorithms.

Price Prediction on Holochain HOT

That frees us up to be experts in our own domain. Different DHTs use different replication models. My understanding which may be incorrect is illustrated in this documentcomplete with happy pictures tl;dr:.

That is, any node that should store that hash in its rrDHT storage arc would be perfectly fine rather than trying to find the most ideal one.

Entry resilience for most hApps will require that many nodes validate and hold the data and the publisher needs to obtain sufficient validation signatures - indicating both validation and storage - before the publish operation is successful.

Via gossip, all nodes with an rrDHT storage arc that contains the entry will also soon validate and store it. Well after the initial publish and initial gossiping of the entry, any nodes that later expand their rrDHT storage arc to include that entry will need to validate and store it.

They may obtain it from any other nodes with an rrDHT storage arc that contains the entry.

holochain holo fuel swap

We are still working on the implementation, so please consider these answers subject to change due to plans meeting reality…. I might be confusing this with the original hc-proto design, which I think did work that way. Yes, the author leverages DHT routing to locate at least one peer that is advertising a storage arc that contains the location where the entry belongs. Direct interactions then ensue until the publish is successful which requires collecting sufficient signatures to ensure entry storage resilience.

A validator communicating new entries to its peers — does this happen multicast via gossip, or do they contact their closest neighbours on either side, who then contact their closest neighbours, etc? Due to communication encryption challenges, multicast will not be used. A form of multi-unicast is one option for both publishing and gossip, however.

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Very cool jmday and pauldaoust for the replies. Educational content again for me. Or it sends to a single node whose hash is most related to the transaction hash? And then that node then propagate the transaction to his neighbours since their hash are likely to be similar to the transaction hash too? Namely the header and entry? Two or more entries, depending on the design. Your guess about multiple neighbourhoods is very right. That means you have to get two separate neighbourhoods to validate your stuff — one for the entry, one for the header.

In addition, whenever a header is published, the validator holding the previous header expects to be told about it so they can keep track of whether the chain has forked.

That means you have to talk to three different neighbourhoods to get your entry published! It gets more complicated for transactions. If you and your counterparty are trying to commit fraud, people is a lot of people to try to deceive. HoloFuel goes one step further still.The Emerging Holochain Ecosystem as of May 9, May 23, WeissRatings — November 8, WeissRatings — November 2, It was not created with an intention to be solely an investment.

The currencies do not have a specific mechanism for return or reward, as would a security token, and the overall design is oriented towards value stability, not volatility, or equity appreciation. The value of Holo fuel is, therefore, intended to grow with the steady and very real growth of the network. If you look back to our benchmarking for Holochain, we demonstrated increases in efficiencies ranging from 10,x to over 1,x as compared to Ethereum.

The ICO price was set at the lowest level of those benchmarks, leaving a lot of room for value increases as we launch and begin the process of framework and platform adoption.

As we shared in our Holo Green Paper and Currency White Paper as well, these increases are intended to both reward early adoption and support the infrastructure and development needs of Holo as we grow the ecosystem of app developers.

You can support this website by using the amazing, super-fast, crypto-friendly Brave Web Browser. You can support this website by checking out the useful, reliable, highly-rated products on this page …. Holochain by David Sunfellow May 23, Post Views: 2, WeissRatings — November 8, …………. WeissRatings — November 2, …………. Search for:. Categories adventures advice animals books camper vans climate change controversies creative cryptocurrency diet dreams entertaining entertainment environment Europeans exercise finances genocide health history indigenous people inventions jesus lucid dreaming miracles movers and shakers Native Americans nature near-death experiences pandemics paranormal abilities personal growth placebos poem quotes relationships research science spirituality spiritually transformative experiences stories suffering technology tiny house movement UFO vaccinations.Preliminary info for those coming here from social media and other places online that I may have linked to:.

Think of the above design for Holo fuel being redesigned for renewable energy production, where the unit of productivity is in kWh of renewable energy. The intention is to provide a way to fund the creation of new renewable energy generation, that is, to increase the total available supply of it.

However, it may not be necessary to have a separate app that does that. Rather, an app that allows adaptive electricity trading, which is planned to be developed by Redgrid, could also allow extending credit limits to generators, similarly to how Holo Fuel economics is designed in the above box linkas well as other mechanisms that dynamically stabilise the price in response and counter to economic signals. On the other hand, since the capital expense of a renewable energy system is higher than e.

This is as opposed to providing an income stream for existing systems with adaptive electricity trading. It may be possible for multiple agent-generators to pool their credit limits together to fund a large community-owned renewable energy system, even at a utility scale. Whether that functionality would be within the adaptive energy trading app or used outside of it is an open question and is yet to be designed or implemented.

That said, it still seems worthwhile to build energy use cases, like those mentioned in this Internet of Energy bookas well as others like for electric vehicles and EV charging networks, with Holochain, the Internet of Energy, and Holo-fuel like cryptocurrencies.

Think of apps and services like electric vehicle subscriptions a la Steer EV and electric vehicle charging and fleet management software like e. Renewable energy generators may include solar photovoltaic and thermal systems, wind turbines, pumped hydro; hydroelectric power that does not involve flooding vegetation to create a dam; geothermal; ocean thermal; tidal; or any other form of generation that is derived from renewable sources of energy the Sun, wind, thermal gradients, motion of fluids like water and air, piezoelectric, waste biomass, etcand not from fossil fuels or large-scale hydro, the latter of which involves flooding of vegetation.

Bioenergy that is derived from primary agriculture should also be ruled out as it competes with other land uses, such as agriculture for food production, rainforests and other ecosystems, and other human land uses.

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TODO: write more about the design with mechanisms to create a dynamic supply that stabilises in value in response and counter to economic signals. A suggested approach to working on a smart energy app for EVs maybe including charging management and usage, subscriptions, pay-per-drive and pay-per-ride, or probably just one of these to start with, while allowing for future extensibility may include forking the Internet of Energy and developing that, in tandem with designing and developing the app.

I gravitate more towards the idea of funding new renewable energy projects, and the apps that are already being built or may have already been privately built with centralized, proprietary apps by Redgrid.

The least capital intensive option of the above ideas may be just an app for allowing electric vehicle owners. Should you perhaps contrast your ideas to Solarcoin? They claim to have over solar installationsusing a PoS blockchain.

holochain holo fuel swap

I presume there may be also other major players in the area, but this is the largest one I know of. The others that I know are mostly small experiments within EU H and other projects. I have also made some additions to the post, doing a bit more exploration of commoning of electricity grids. Draft: Renewable energy as a commons Support Projects. Commons Engine.Holo is about the empowerment of a global community of citizens. Users have ownership of their own data, and can choose whom they share that data with.

Holo itself, is a Holochain distributed app, that provides an ability to interact with Holochain apps through a Web Browser. Holochain is an alternative to blockchain, which is faster and more scalable, designed for running distributed applications.

Never before has such a fast, efficient, scalable, adaptable and extendable Data Integrity Engine for Distributed Apps been made available. Holo acts as an unifying interface for Holochain Distributed Apps. Anyone with a Web Browser will be able to access and interact with other users without having to install Holochain on their own machine. Holo is itself a Holochain Distributed App, but one that provides a bridge between the world of Internet users and the Holochain Ecosystem.

Holo fuel is the native Cryptocurrency of Holo. Holo Fuel is asset backed by computing power. Mutual Credit involves two people or entities transacting with each other, recording a Debit to the Spending account and an equal Credit to the Receiving account. The following index of articles is recommended reading to quickly understand the need for Holochain, Holo and Holo Fuel. Holochain and Holo Orientation. The Holochain White Paper describes a scalable, adaptable, user focused, distributed platform.

The Holochain White Paper is a detailed formal verification of the Holochain system, along with its ability to adapt to the vast majority of use cases, and improve over time. The paper is written with the history of decentralized systems in mind, but comes from the perspective of building a system with benefits to the end user. Considerations are given to issues of scalability on a global magnitude, and total complexity of the system.

Perhaps most importantly, the paper discusses the ability of Holochains to maintain the correctness of the data across virtually unlimited peers without requiring consensus. Is it really possible to design a Cryptocurrency usable on a Global scale that retains its value the next day? Is it possible to do this without consensus or expensive hardware? Can a system like this be truly secure? Find out in this exciting new Cryptocurrency paper, which will have positive consequences for the vast majority of humanity.

Recently, some critical comments were made by a person concerning Holochain, Holo and Holo Fuel. This is the response to those comments. Holo is a Holochain distributed app that facilitates the easy access of other Holochain dApps while paying hosts in Holo Fuel.

holochain holo fuel swap

Imagine if renting a VPS was as complicated as what holochain is suggesting. It would be absurd. Holochain is complex, not complicated. It is a feat of software architecture engineering, which retains a high degree of cleverness, while promoting simplified accessibility and extensibility for developers.

Imagine if you rent out your computers, but then you get paid out in a currency that you cannot sell or get out of, except through a third party who controls how much of your money you can get out or spend holo. Holo is a one of a kind system where the people contributing to the network stability, maintenance, validity, and availability can earn Holo Fuel for their service, and immediately cash out directly from the reserve account. In the crypto world, this is unique.

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Many ICOs and post launch cryptocurrency issuers will promote their own coin or token as something of value. The proof of the real value of a cryptocurrency is if the issuer finds value in their own cryptocurrency. Holo has confidence in the long-term value of their own cryptocurrency. Any practical use possible with other cryptocurrencies is also possible with Holo Fuel, the added confidence to citizens of the ecosystem that the primary issuers of the cryptocurrency value it to the extent that Holo themselves:.

Also, who is buying holofuel!

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