Tarkov trader reputation

Escape from Tarkov Quests and Task are mission given by traders and they are usually very hard to finish. We can help you with them by playing on your account or provide you with the items needed to finish quests in Tarkov and gain reputation for the trader.

tarkov trader reputation

For some quests in escape from tarkov we have to play on your account because something needs to be found on a map and cant be simply traded. To purchase our service for Quests and Task in EFT, select the trader and the quest you want finished add to cart and checkout. After the payment, we will contact you over email or you can use our live chat located in the right corner.

Q: Is my Tarkov Account safe when using your service? A: Yes, we don't use any cheats or hacks when we finish quests. Q: I don't have the quest yet can I still purchase it? A: You need to have the task activated or available from the trader so that we can finish it. Q: How do I know when a quest gets available in Tarkov? A: You can ask us or simply google it to see when you get it and what the requirements are. A: We have a separate page on our website that offers levelling you can purchase from there all trader levels.

Q: I bought a quest that requires a trader to be level 40 but I don't have that level yet? A: You need to have the required level for that, anything else is included in the price. Q: I want that you finish something specific how do I request that? A: If you can't find the task that you are looking for contact us and explain to us what you need.

Q: I did not spend enough credits for a trader what should I do? A: This is all included in the price. Q: I want to order multiple quests from the same trader in eft? A: First select the quest you want, add it to cart but don't checkout then select the other quest and add it to cart and so on.

Q: Are there any discount or coupon codes available for large orders? A: Yes, check please our discount tab near the description tab or contact us for something specific. Q: I still have a question what is the best way to contact you?

A: Use our live chat located in the right corner, if you don't see it disable your adblocker. Your Cart. Escape from Tarkov Quests. Escape from Tarkov Leveling.

Escape from Tarkov Money. Escape from Tarkov Items. Escape from Tarkov Boosting.


Escape from Tarkov Coaching. Escape from Tarkov Hideout. Description Discounts Reviews Escape from Tarkov Quests and Task are mission given by traders and they are usually very hard to finish.

tarkov trader reputation

Delivery Time: We will start the Tarkov Leveling a few hours after the payment, it can take up to 24h in some cases.

For simple quests and task, we need a few hours for the harder ones it can take days to finish.Sign In. De Escape from Tarkov Wiki.

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Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Tuez 15 scavs dans les bois. Tuez 25 scavs dans les douanes en utilisant une AKSU. Trouvez une camionnette transportant des produits chimiques Balisez la camionnette transportant les produits chimiques Survivez et quittez la zone des douanes.

Trouvez en raid une batterie militaire Livrez une batterie militaire Trouvez en raid 10 munitions de 30 mm pour les canons des BMP Livrez 10 munitions de 30 mm pour les canons des BMP. Tuez 15 scavs aux douanes. Balisez la 1re ambulance Balisez la 2e ambulance Balisez la 3e ambulance Survivez et quittez la zone. Collectez des informations sur le sort des recherches de Terragroup Livrez les informations sur le sort des recherches de Terragroup Survivez et quittez la zone.

Trouvez en raid 5 masques de protection respiratoire Livrez 5 masques de protection respiratoire Livrez 5 kits de transfusion sanguine. Placez la balise sur le lieu du rituel des douanes Placez la balise sur le lieu du rituel des bois Placez la balise sur le lieu du rituel du littoral Survivez et quittez la zone.

Boosting, Smurf Accounts & Power Leveling – Gaming Evolved !

Obtenez 7 cartes graphiques Livrez 7 cartes graphiques Obtenez 7 ventilateurs de processeur Livrez 7 ventilateurs de processeur. Trouvez en raid 7 paquets de cigarettes Malboro Livrez 7 paquets de cigarettes Malboro Trouvez en raid 7 paquets de cigarettes Strike Livrez 7 paquets de cigarettes Strike Trouvez en raid 7 paquets de cigarettes Wilston Livrez 7 paquets de cigarettes Wilston. Trouvez un moyen de sortir de l'usine 1 Trouvez un moyen de sortir de l'usine 2 Trouvez un moyen de sortir de l'usine 3 Survivez et quittez la zone.

Trouvez en raid 5 fils conducteurs Trouvez en raid 5 condensateurs Livrez 5 fils conducteurs Livrez 5 condensateurs. Balisez la citerne 1 Balisez la citerne 2 Balisez la citerne 3 Survivez et quittez la zone. Livrez 7 chapeaux cache-oreille 'Ushanka' Livrez 7 chapeaux de cowboy.

Trouvez le lieu secret Laissez la cagoule Ghost sur place Laissez la Shemagh sur place Laissez les lunettes de soleil RayBench sur place Laissez les lunettes de soleil rondes sur place. Trouvez en raid 4 bidons d'additifs pour carburant Livrez 4 bidons d'additifs pour carburant.

Obtenez 3 lions en bronze Livrez 3 lions en bronze Obtenez 3 figurines de cheval Livrez 3 figurines de cheval Obtenez 2 figurines de chat Livrez 2 figurines de chat Obtenez une montre avec bracelet en or Roler Submariner Livrez une montre avec bracelet en or Roler Submariner. Tuez 7 scavs dans les bois en ne portant aucune protection pare-balles. Tuez 5 scavs en subissant les effets de la douleur. Tuez 5 scavs dans les bois au cours d'un seul raid et n'utilisez aucun soin.

Tuez 50 scavs sur tout le territoire de Tarkov. Tuez 3 scavs portant un uniforme de police. Tuez 10 scavs aux douanes avec un Mosin entre 23h et 04h. Tuez 10 scavs sniper avec un Mosin. La Toubib.The wipe will be partial. Only the trader reputation points will be saved.

Added new paid exits on the maps:. To use our site, you may need to provide the information specified in the Security Policy, for example, Cookie files. By clicking the "Accept" button, you confirm that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy, fully and freely agreed to have your data collected and processed in the ways and for the purposes indicated in the Privacy Policy. Learn more. We are pleased to present to you the patch 0.

Added: Added the first of planned Scav bosses, the Dealmaker His favorite haunts are dorms and gas station at the Customs. His leadership skills allowed the Dealmaker to easily pull together a posse of former factory workers. Well armed, they continue to force their own rules in Tarkov.

The Dealmaker prefers to avoid fair fights, quickly retreating to a safe place and leaving his guys to deal with the enemy.

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The boss does not make an appearance on location every time, but with a certain chance. Added flashbang grenades Added smoke grenades Added Nvidia Highlights, recording episodes of your firefights, if your graphics card supports this technology. Added armbands of basic colors, players can now pick the color to make it easier to tell friend from foe in combat.

Escape from Tarkov Trading: Tips & Tricks to Become the Best Trader

Cookie Disclaimer.Tarkov is a city in the North-West of the European part of Russia, a municipal formation subject to Norvinsk region. Distance from the main city station Tarkov station to the Finland station in St.

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Petersburg is km. Population of Tarkov is In the mid 60s the site of the future city was built up by major industrial parks and enterprises manufacturing defensive instruments and radioelectronic equipment, which served as a base for establishing a closed administrative-territorial unit.

The city became an important scientific and industrial center. The city is located on the eastern shore of the shallow max depth 2. The coast is covered by a ridge of dunes and hills covered in vegetation, interrupted sometimes by the river valleys and small lakes, ponds and patches of exposed moraines.


Sandy "Golden" beach up to 50 m wide. In the Paleozoic Era million years ago this whole area was covered by the sea. Sediments of the time — sand, sandy clay, clay with lenses of silt or peat — thickly cover with over metres powerful layer a bedrock composed of granite, gneiss and diabases. Modern relief was formed as a result of the activities of the glacier the latest Valdai glaciation that took place 12 thousand years ago.

The retreating glacier formed the Littorina sea, whose level was at m above the modern one. Valley is formed with glaciolacastine and postglacial sediments. Over the last 2. The Tarkov climate is temperate and humid, transitional from maritime to continental.

The daytime length varies from hrs on 22 December to hrs June 22nd. The city area is characterized by frequent changes of air masses due to activities of the cyclones which pass along the Gulf and that leads to great volatility of weather, especially in autumn and winter. Winters are mild, with moderately cold, mostly cloudy weather. Snow cover settles in the second half of November and lasts until mid-April. The spring is usually late and protracted.

Summers are moderately warm, with roughly equivalently interchanging sunny and rainy days. Autumn is mostly overcast and foggy.

Rainfall is about mm per year, mostly in June-August. The climate in Tarkov climate is close to that in Norvinsk. The Gulf of Finland, despite its shallowness, has some effect on the temperature profile of the city.

In the summer, especially in August and September, mean air temperature is a bit higher than in Norvinsk about 0. Also, winds are generally a bit more powerful on the coast as well. Prior to the establishment of the city the area was covered with coniferous forests pine and spruce mixed with broadleaf species and lowland marshes.

At the moment, the city vicinity has preserved large conifers pine predominates interchanging with deciduous groves birch, alder, aspen, willow. Dominated by sandy soils, on lacustrine and alluvial sands - subaerial podzolic, in conjunction with peat - podzolic-Gley soils. The city vicinity is populated by the occasionally spotted foxes and muskrats. The city itself is a hone to large number of birds, reptiles and invertebrates.

According to the population census ofTarkov had a population of persons, The representative body of the local government - the Municipal Council — has been functioning since By the results of March 1, elections, a new staff filled the 4th convocation of 22 delegates: 13 — from United Russia, 5 from Just Russia, 4 from the Communist Party, and 2 independent candidates. The Tarkov urban municipal district is lead by the Head Mayor of the municipal district.

The executive and administrative body of the local government is represented by the local administration of the city of Tarkov. The city is based on the hydronym Tarka, after the name of a river 38 km long, flows into the Gulf of Finlandwhich mouth is located in the East of the city.This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors.

See Talk:Escape from Tarkov for current discussions.

tarkov trader reputation

Content is subject to change. This article is for an unreleased piece of media. Any screenshots used are from official Trailers and sources. Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter video game by BattleState Games. The game is currently in Closed Beta testing since The game is set in the fictional city of Tarkov of the Norvinsk region in Russia in the Russia universe same as Contract Wars. Set inEscape from Tarkov follows two rival private military companies - the western-aligned United Security USEC and Russian-backed Battle Encounter Assault Regiment BEAR in their battle for control over the city of Tarkov following a major destabilizing event that had the entire region placed under military lockdown by both UN and Russian military, with the ultimate goal for each player being to successfully escape the city, following the eponymous title.

In Escape from Tarkovplayers take control of operators from one of the two aforementioned PMC factions, choosing one to join when first starting the game - the faction joined influences initial skills and equipment.

The primary FPS elements occur in the game's matches, where are a large number of players descend upon any of the game's maps of their choosing to loot weapons, gear, and goods from the map spawns as well as other players they kill - in order to leave the map, one must reach a designated "extract point" in order to keep what they have acquired. If the player dies during the match, anything they have picked up as well as all gear they bring into the match is automatically lost, with some little exceptions.

A third non-aligned faction of desperate survivors called "Scavs" short for "Scavengers" also appear as hostile AI that roam around the game's maps. Players also have the ability to join the match as a Scav, chosen before it begins, though it is only temporary.

Player-controlled Scavs have randomized generally low-end weapons, gear, and stats on spawning in, and start out automatically friendly with AI Scavs though the AI will turn hostile to any player Scav if they are witnessed attacking or killing other Scavs. Upon a successful extract, player Scavs have any earned loot automatically transferred to their player character's inventory, making Scavs a relatively risk-free means of acquiring new gear.

Gunplay in EFT is very realistic, with simulation for bullet ballistics and weapon degrading and realistic body part-based damage model. There are also a host of unusual actions the player can perform with their weapons, such as chamberloading, ejecting individual rounds, and speed reloading that discards the original magazine.

Flea Market Reputation and How to Earn it - Escape from Tarkov

Stocks can be folded to preserve space in the player's inventory or reduce the weapon's size for better close quarter maneurability, and ammo needs to be loaded individually to magazines, which then needs to be placed into the player's rig inventory spots to be used in reloading, which are tracked individually.

The attachment system is similarly expansive, encompassing many real world accessories and allowing modification of every major part of the gun, including essential parts such as the receiver. One consistent goof in the game is that AK-type weapons with side scope mounts can still fold their stocks when they have scope mounts equipped, even though the scope mounts would block the left-folding stocks in reality and vice versa; a folded stock would realistically block the left sided scope mount but the scope mount remains usable in-game.

Introduced in Februarythe Glock 17 can be purchased from trader Sergey "Mechanic" Samoylov, who was added alongside the Glock. A variety of aftermarket slides and barrels are also available for the pistol, ranging from Salient Arms International barrels to compensated Zev Technologies slides.

Regular round, round Magpul GL9 magazines, extended rounds stick magazines, and a rounds drum magazine can be used with the Glock The Glock 18C is added in Patch 0. It does not share with barrels and slides with the Glock 17, but can accept its magazines and iron sights.

The suppressed Makarov PB is available in the game. It spawns rarely on Scavengers and can be traded for bartering items by trader Prapor. Like the Makarov PM, only its grip and magazines can be removed.A password will be e-mailed to you. If you are ordering Boosting or Power Leveling services on account orders please register prior purchase. Screenshots, twitch stream panel, live chat, improvements will be introduced weekly so make sure you are registered to get the most out of your order.

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tarkov trader reputation

Rank Boost Win Carry Accounts. Arknights Arknights Accounts. Wins Boosting. Firestorm Wins. Power Leveling Dungeons. Reputation Points Boost.

Rank Boost Powerleveling Expeditions. Powerleveling Buy Gold. Level Boost Rank Boost. Boosting Services. Win Carry. Power Leveling. No products in the cart.

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Remember Me. Forgotten Password. Apex Legends. Escape from Tarkov. Last Oasis. Dead by Daylight. Borderlands 3. COD Black Ops 4.Plus, you can build a reputation with each dealer through Quests, to reduce the commission they receive and grant you access to better offers.

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The Deals also offer additional services such as repairs and insurance, which allows you to recover your gear in case of death during a raid. All of the traders here in Escape from Tarkov, except Fence, offer items for Barter as opposed to buying the items with money alone.

These trades often allow players to obtain higher level gear at lower loyalty levels, enabling you to swap more affordable items for ones that are otherwise pricey. Check with the traders for the exact offers as the higher the trader level, the more stuff you can trade in.

However, most of the stuff can be sold straight away since loot items are just not worth the space in your stash. If you want to be the talk of Tarkov, you have to build a solid reputation for yourself. Each player has a reputation that affects their number of offers and the view that other players have upon their offers. You can successfully gain reputation by completing deals, with everygained from deals incrementing your reputation.

However, your reputation will decrease whenever an offer is not fulfilled, and this includes removing your offers. If you want to build up your reputation, you have to head to the Flea Market. The Flea Market is a complete collection of all player and AI trader offered exchange deals.

The system works on an offer basis, allowing you, the merchant, to set up complex deals for others to take part in. First off, you need to make an offer. Offers are exchange deals established by players or AI merchants, with the two players swapping items with one another. All items can be exchanged, and that includes currency. In order for you to start adding your own offers on the market, you first need to hit PMC level 5.

Previous Next. Build a Reputation If you want to be the talk of Tarkov, you have to build a solid reputation for yourself. Author Recent Posts. Mohsen Daemi. Mohsen Daemi News author and moderator for news and gaming articles in ultragamerz. Mohsen as video games news reporter along everybody in ultragamerz work hard to bring you all the gaming news from direct and trusted sources.

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